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Hosted by Certified Photo Organizer Caroline Guntur, of

Digital photo chaos overwhelming you? Let's break down the steps one at a time, so you can get this done, once and for all!

Think you're "just not a very organized person?" That couldn't be further from the truth! Anyone can learn how to organize.  

Not so sure about your tech skills? There are many great solutions out there that fit beginners, and they work just as well as some of the advanced ones!

Digital photos scattered over multiple devices, platforms and services? We'll show you how to select the right ones! And no, it's not that hard.

Looking for the perfect program to organize your photos? It's out there, but let's stop the free-trial madness and make the right choice, so you can stay organized in the long run.  

Want to keep your photos safe for your kids and grandkids? Then you'll want to learn how to create a solid backup strategy! Let's make sure you leave them a legacy to remember!  

In this on-demand training, you'll learn the 3 biggest mistakes people make when getting started plus the best ways to avoid them. You'll also learn my 3-part framework to digital photo organizing success - techniques that have been tested and proven to work! This is a pre-recorded session, so once you register you'll get instant access to watch!

You'll also receive a special offer on my premium program DPO PRO: The Ultimate Photo Organizing Masterclass - a step-by-step on-demand e-course to help your get organized, one step at a time.

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"My family's once organized photo collection had started growing out of control. This helped me commit to doing what I could do to get things under control again, and gave me the education and tools I needed to do it... I loved the step-by-step approach! I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to be involved in the process of getting their photos in order."

"Caroline is THE BEST resource to have when learning about organizing your photo either personally OR for your business. She has managed to take a process that may work a bit different for everyone and presents the information in a clear and concise manor giving ANYONE the tools to conquer their collection!"

"If you are looking for a true solution to your digital photo chaos then I cannot recommend Caroline enough, she is a wealth of knowledge and the strategies she teaches are effective and practical. I was able to learn and implement simple strategies that have enabled me to maintain not only my own photo collection but to teach others as well."

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